Hello Everyone. It’s that time, 51st Annual Rally is just around the corner so let’s get together for some fun and to show our guests what we’re all about. The passion is to preserve and educate in a family friendly place. The additions to the grounds will cause some growing pains but will make the show more enjoyable for you, the members, and our guests. None of this would be possible without the dedication of members who give up their time to work the fund raisers the Club puts on. As promised we would like to thank everyone for their efforts to put on a successful “THUNDER IN THE STICKS” ESP tractor pull. The weather was awesome and though a few glitches, it was a great night. Being our first all day pull we learned that much more help and involvement is needed from the members to share the work load so shifts can be scheduled to work all aspects of the event. So please, during the upcoming Rally, help your Club put on the best show possible. The improvements and growth to the grounds has been phenomenal. The new bathhouse will be ready. THANK YOU to all that worked so hard in making this happen.  You’re awesome. With the help of Kelley Erectors and Wargo Enterprises, the Glass Ribbon Machine is on its foundation. The new Camping Shed is near completion and will be in place (thanks George), the new Gatehouse will be in place to better serve our guest and members coming to our event. Please check out our revised Facebook page, now partnering with Genesee County Tourism, that will draw even more people to our show. The Snow Engine Project is moving forward rather quickly so stay tuned. The response from members donating has been great. We still have a long way to go, but it reaffirms that together “WE CAN DO ANYTHING”. We want to thank everyone for their support of  the board and officers in moving the Club forward. As always, if you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please let us know as it is your Club. See you on the grounds, at the meetings, or at the Rally. And Please remember to send in your donations for the Snow Engine Project.

Thank you,

Bill, Arick, and Jim

Bright Idea (get a light bulb machine)

The WNYG&SEA is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a piece of history.  The LED VANCE Company of Wellsboro PA is currently working with Wargo Enterprises to move a glass-ribbon machine to our grounds for permanent display.  The machine has become obsolete with the changeover from making incandescent light bulbs, which was the primary function of this machine.  It is an historical change that we are living through and the club is thrilled to receive this relic of days gone by.  Our mission is to preserve and educate and this is another facet of history that we will proudly display.  The club is planning to expand the Red Barn model building to accommodate the new display.  Director Dave Johnson had an expansion in mind and had already acquired some of the support beams for the structure.  The addition will need to be large enough for the machine that is 50 ft. long, 7 ft. 8 ins. wide, and 3 ft. 6 ins. high, and weighs approximately 60,000 lbs.  The machine will come in pieces and the LED Vance Company has offered support to reassemble it on our site.  We are promised memorabilia to complete the display.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

2017 Changes for Member Primitive Camping

There have been changes made for the club’s primitive (no water, sewer, or electric on the site) camping.  The grounds will be open for Card Carrying Club Members during the year as follows:

Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend and Labor Day Weekend @ $20.00 per Night.  We are requesting pre-registration only.

For ESP, which is Father’s Day Weekend, camping will be available for Card Carrying Members @ $20.00 per Night Plus the Gate Fee per Person.  Campers must pre-register for ESP.

Rally Camping, which is Thursday through Sunday will be $80.00.  Campers will be allowed to start coming in on Tuesday after Labor Day with a $20 per night fee.  We would like to have everyone Pre-Register for rally camping.  Any campers not pre-registered will be charged a fee of $10.00.

Increases are needed to cover additional fees the club has for Portable Outhouses, (including the additional early cleaning), Hand Washing Stations (their maintenance), and extra garbage pick-up.  Also the water quality must be tested, and treatment made every day that we have campers on the grounds.

For Rally rebates, the work hours have been increased to 12 documented hours worked during the course of the rally equaling a $40.00 rebate.  Any camper that accrues 40 documented work hours equals 4 days of free camping during the rally.  Camping rebates will be processed at the Security Building on Sunday Only.

A camping application for the ESP is on the website which must be returned no later than May 15, 2017.  Rebates are not available for ESP Camping.

The applications for Weekend and/or Rally Camping are on the website.

If anyone has any questions, contact Camping Chair Judy Montella from Wednesday through Sunday evenings, 5pm – 9 pm at 716-440-4182, send a text, or e-mail at pofjudy@roadrunner.com .

NEW ADDITIONS TO THE GAS & STEAM from President Bill Dellapenta

NEW ADDITIONS TO THE GAS & STEAM  from President Bill Dellapenta

National Fuel Gas having decommissioned (4) 4 cylinder natural gas compressor’s at their Porterville facility have generously donated (1) one complete unit with extra parts to our organization. These were manufactured in Olean, N.Y.  This donation came about from a member of the W.N.Y.T.C.C. John Shultz and son-in-law Kip Bray. Without the involvement of members like this a piece of local history would be lost forever. The 20,000 lb. unit was used to pump natural gas in and out of the Bennington and East Aurora storage fields. National Fuel will remove from the building and place on a trailer provided by us. Member Ken Fry has said he can help with this. Final arrangements are being worked out to make the move to our grounds around the 1st of March this year. We are very excited to have such a wonderful addition to display at our show. Location on the grounds is to be determined.

“And yet another awesome addition to the club”

We have been asked to help preserve a local piece of equipment that has helped build and maintain the roadways oy W.N.Y. Union Concrete of West Seneca, N.Y. have made a generous donation of a 1958 Lima truck crane. This piece of equipment is an impressive sight to add to our collection. It has 70ft of boom and has a rated lifting capacity of 35 tons. The unit weighs in at 74,350 lbs. and 12 ft. in height. Taking all this into account a special lowboy trailer was required. Phone calls were made to determine where one was available. With the help of our members we were directed to Wargo Enterprises. One (1) phone call to John Wargo and things were falling right in place to have it moved. Things definitely moved very quickly on this project. From initial phone call from Union concrete to having it at its new home on our grounds took a total of [5] five days.  The boom sections along with [4] four jersey barriers loaded and ready to be transported to our grounds at a date to be determined. To Union Concrete, Wargo Enterprises and their employees we can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in making this happen. Not to be left out your V.P. Jim Roll, without his dedication to jump right in and help with logistics and labor of making these projects happen they would be much harder to accomplish. Thank you all that have helped.

Club Lost 4 Very Active Members so far in 2017

We  are sad to say that another long time member and contributor to The Western New York Gas & Steam Engine Association has succumbed to a long term illness. Gary Safford died Sunday, May 28, 2017 at the Wyoming County Community Hospital in Warsaw, at the age of 79.  He was a member of the crew that helped recover the Saw Mill and Erie Ball engine and erect the saw mill and steam building. Known best for his straw hat and mild manner He will be missed by all those that knew him.

John Sentman, a club director and most widely known as the “Hat Man” tram driver, passed away on March 6, 2017 after complications following heart surgery.  We offer our condolences to his wife Joanne and son David.

Dorothy Chandler, long time member and active worker for the club, also passed away the same day.  We offer our condolences to her husband Roger and the family.

With sadness we report the loss of a very prominent member of our club, Steve Harris.  Steve lost his battle with cancer on January 28th, 2017.  He was well known for his participation in our “Sneaker Pulls” at both our ESP Tractor Pulls and at our Rally.  His family thanks everyone who was able to pay their respects at the funeral home. Word is that the Reeves Steamer and crew will be at the ESP Event in June for the Sneaker Pull.

From The President’s May 2016

From the presidents:
Hello everyone the calendar says it is spring but we are still dealing with cold and snow!!  It does not seem right but we are still moving forward with work at the club. The Thresherman’s roof is progressing nicely as is the new layout of campsites.
The water pump project is coming along as well. Material for the road projects has
been arriving, work at the sawmill and blacksmith shop have been ongoing. Just to
keep you all updated. Despite the wacky weather we all have too much to do to let
things slow down. Our esp tractor pull is rapidly approaching and a lot of help is
needed to have a successful fund raiser to keep the club moving forward so please
contact us if you can help. The committees are doing a fantastic job on all the
projects they have been working on for the betterment of the club. If you have not
been to our website lately, take a look as we are trying to make it more user friendly
and it is working. The monthly meetings have been well attended and the additional volunteers are greatly appreciated. So please take a moment to realize what goes into the maintenance and work that keeps our/your club around and moving forward into our next 50 years. Great things are happening so if you as members can find some time if even a little the extra hands can help the club thrive. Together we can do anything. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events or before.

Bill, Arick & Jim

Canadiana plaque Restoration

  A Tribute To An Old Friend

   The first finished project for the restoration of artifacts from the crystal beach boat took place this week. It is good to be underway and moving forward after so many delays.

There are many pieces of deck equipment that need restoration along with the Giant task of rebuilding the Main engine. As winter approaches it is time to turn toward indoor projects so we will be arranging to move much of this equipment indoors for work over the winter season. If you would like to help email Ghuff1@alexandersteamshow.com.


Gary Huff restoring the main sign from the S.S. Canadiana


The finished project is now ready for display in our soon to be exhibit


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